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For clinical professionals wanting to know more about  Bioenergetic Analysis (book chapter):
History of Bioenergetic Analysis (website):

Articles from Southern California (website):
International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis (website):
A list of USA Bioenergetic workshops, conferences, and trainings (website):
Books for professionals (links):
Books for clients (links):
coming soon
coming soon

Trusted  Local Colleagues

Art Therapy, Play Therapy, therapy for children and families, and supervision for professionals working in the Child Protective system:  Heather Brown
LGBTQ, aromatherapy, Core Energetics:  Jeremy Fulwiler  
Dialective Behavior Therapy, Play Therapy, self-harming behaviors, the interplay of self-esteem and relational difficulties:  Abigail "Abby" Dupree
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