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I am experienced in working with individuals, couples, and teens.  I am skilled in working with most mental health diagnoses along with general anxiety, depression, anger, life transitions, addiction, and codependency.  If I am not the right therapist for you, or I see you benefting from another specialty, I can refer to one of my trusted colleagues that have other specialties. 

Clinical Consult

I provide individual and group clinical consult sessions for mental health professionals who are learning more about somatic psychotherapy, character defense structures, transference and countertransference, different types of trauma, and differential diagnosing.
Professionals of differing experience levels are welcome.  Consult often has an experiential component.  


For therapists, students, and health care workers who want to learn more about somatic psychotherapy, I facilitate specially tailored workshops to meet your needs.  I can  present to clinical staff, or present in classroom settings.  Workshops or presentations can be experiential, lecture, or both.  The purpose is to understand the tennants of working somatically, the current trend of somatic psychotherapy, trauma and the autonomic nervous system, and develop a beginning step for how to work with clients in a body based way.
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