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Psychotherapy Services

Welcome.  I am a psychodynamic therapist specializing in Bioenergetic Analysis, a 

 form of psychotherapy that understands the mind/body connection.  This work is based in psychoanalysis. I don’t work with any one piece of a person, single incident, or symptom of a diagnosis. I see the whole person, within the context of their past and present life, and target the root cause of the dis-ease they are experiencing. 

​The fulfillment that life and therapy offer is the ability to be fully true to one's self

Alexander Lowen, founder of the theory and method of Bioenergetics

Ideally, I work with those who have been to therapy in the past but don’t have full resolve, those in leadership roles who seek grounding and clarity, or those who sense that there is more to themselves than they have yet discovered. 

I have extensive training in trauma, polygvagal theory, autonomic nervous system regulation, attachment, and pyschoanalysis.

Issues I skillfully work with include anxiety, depression, mood disorders, trauma, addiction & codependency, and life transitions.  I work with most mental health diagnoses as I view diagnosis as a place to start.  I am experienced in working with individuals, couples, and groups.  I also facilitate Bioenergetic group therapy.

My analytic training and certification is from the

International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis.

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